TRX 850 project update. Fairing repair.

Other of the pending tasks I did along this time I´ve been the blog un-updated was repair the broken fairing I bought some time ago to replace mine

The fairing of my TRX was repaired by the previous owner with fiber glass, but him was too "generous" with it and not only repaired it, him  becomes it  bulletproof...and too heavier.

The broken fairing has the left side seriously damaged with cracks around the turn light, this side was almost broken totally in two pieces.

Moreover the damages on the left side, it has some cracks on the front below the headlight and was cutted  the two edges of the wind screen where the mirrors mounts.

First step was remark all cracks with permanent marker and the end of them and make a drill in the ends to avoid the cracks grow up.

Crack ends drilled.

After drill the  cracks ends  I sanded the them and trimmed with  the Dremel  both sides of all the cracks paths around the half of the thickness.

Then was the turn of the soldering iron, because the fairng it´s made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and one of this properties is that it´as a thermoplastic , it melts and sold when heated. Because that I used my soldering iron to weld the cracks.

I added aluminium grid on the turn light area to reinforce it, heating it with the hot gun before weld it with the soldering iron.

But the hard part of the repair was rebuild the cut edges of the windscreen, I made a cardboard pattern using my original fairing as template. Because I´ll not mount the stock front mud guard of the TRX on the R6 forks, I used it (made with ABS too) to cut the pieces I must add on the broken fairing.

 Cardboard pattern and  mud guard part cutted.

Welding the new parts helped by a pair of clamps. 

Right side welding finished and sanded, this pic also show the inside of the left side union reinforced with the aluminium grid finished.

Testing how looks mounted on the bike.

And repeating the precess with the left side.

Around 1370 grams finished against the 2860 of the red one.

Now I´ve the fairing, fuel tank and tail ready to the paint work but I don´t want paint them for the moment, I prefer expend the money on other parts and I hope soon begin with the engine.

Usually when I´m working at garage I´m not alone, Murdock, my brother´s  dog always stay with me (Sometimes overly affectionate with some  attempt to rape my leg). But anyway it´s a great garage buddy at the end.

More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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Velocitator | March 10, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Tengo un par de carenados de mi Scooter que seguirán este camino. Gracias.

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