David´s Vespa. Billet floor boards.

After last works done on David´s Vespa, we are on final stages of the rebuild and now we´re begin thinking on the aesthetics or tunning  the little vespa. For the moment , the sport seat from SIP it´s mounted unpainted to able David ride and test how works the Vespa. But last week we mount one of these things that not give nothing essential (talking technically) but after work a lot with, the final results go beyond our expectatives. After a lot of work we´ve the set of billet floor boards done and mounted.

When we get some months ago the bodyframe  painted we talked about what to do on the floor, we were looking floor runners and riffled floor sets but we think that will be better design a custom ones and machine them after with CAD/CAM on our work facilities. Anyway if we buy a set of riffled boards we will  must to adapt them to the width of our Vespa that we narrow the front/floor  panel. Moreover designing and building us the floor boards we can get a touch of exclusivity and personality for the Vespa.

To design the new floor board set, I made a paper templates, one for the center and another for the right side. I did the template of the right side because it had the brake pedal and I must to design first this side and do left side simetrically without the space for the pedal. After think about several designs finally I did this one with a Vespa graphic on the center. Fortunately David trust on my design skills and  gave me fully design freedom.

Water cutted panels, design prints and paper templates.

Once I had designed the floor boards designed on Solidworks, I saved the contours profiles on DXF format to send them to our  water cutting supplier. We ask that they cut the contours in aluminum plates 3 ​​mm thick.

Machining the left board, the graphic it´s engraved 1.5mm deep.

Right side finished.

Left side in process.

The center plate had an "incident" along the machining when it was almost finished and we must to repeat it from a new plate, the first one will be part of the decoration of my garage...

After have the machining finished and curved to copy the shape of the Vespa floor we paint them in matt black to get the graphic in black. After we must sand and polish the upper surface.

With  the floor boards painted and polished we fixed them to the floor with black rivets.

Here the final result. I know that I cant be objetive because I designed them, but I love how the floor boards  looks mounted on the Vespa. The OMP pedal looks better now.

Step by step we are going ahead with the Vespa....

As usual, you can find the 3d models of the floor boards on my profiles on 3dVia and GrabCAD.

See the all post about David´s Vespa HERE. Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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