NSR 125 3D Cylinder finished!!.

After much more hours that I planned (I do not want to expend too much time on the NSR) the cylinder it´s already modeled in 3D with Solidworks.

Some parts seems like if they challenging me to do them on 3d, and the top end of the engine from my NSR it´s one of these parts. I will model the top end of the engine while I´m working on the little two stroke Honda only like a "personal challenge"....

...with a lot of work ahead...

...but results make worth it (being a freak of CAD, I can understand others do not think the same).

Here I post some photos of the sketching and measurement process.

I try always be the most accurate possible to the parts dimensions but on casting parts it´s a hard work that needs a lot of measurements and sketches.

Because that I used a machining center of my work to made some measurements.

Now the cylinder it´s done and only rest easier parts of the top end like the head, piston or RC valve parts. I think soon I´ll have all finished.

Always I upload my models to my profiles at 3dVia and Grabcad. If you are a CAD freak like me you can download it HERE on 3dVia or HERE in Grabcad. I hope can be useful for someone.

Here I post some pics of the sketching process  but I created THIS Facebook gallery with the full album where I´ll publish all the 3d engine top end pictures and screenshots. Also you can check all posts about my NSR HERE or take a look on THIS gallery of TTP on FB.

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pacotrx | May 4, 2013 at 12:02 AM

mola, si q te lo curras... por cierto, tu sabias la existencia de esto? imagino q si


hombre, no es la 0s pero tampoco le queda mal y ya se monta manillar mas bajo como hablabas. lo q si seria obligado caso de montar algo asi es un colin q haga un poco de joroba para equilibrar lineas. no se, lo vi y me acorde de ti, me extraña q lo sacaran como accesorio original..


Mike Crane | April 19, 2015 at 12:36 PM

Well impressed, that's some fine work. 8)

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