PB Race Trixie.

Performance Bikes Mag TRX 850 race bike. Damn good....

The article begins with this paragraph with which I feel totally identified (unfortunately).

"Procrastination. I´ll tell you about it some other time. Project bikes are thieves of life, your own and others people´s. You go through phases of hyperactivity only to fall headfirst into festerings pits of sesinterest. Boom to bust. Bust to boom. Some people have the rare ability (or lack of anything else worthwhile to do) to start building a bike, not stopping until the whole thing´s finished in a matter of weeks. Others get distracted. Others lose interest. Others see the futility of the situation."

I "stole" these scans from Yamaha TRX 850 group on Facebook posted by   Nico de Vroome. Thanks Nico.

The list of upgrades it´s so big....

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