Honda NSR 125 JC20 3d engine top end.

After publish last month the cylinder of my Honda NSR 125 JC20 cylinder modelled in 3d with Solidworks now I post the whole engine top end assembly. It cost me a lot of work, but doing it I learnt a lot and helps me to know better this little two stroke engine. Reverse engineering it´s probably the best form to learn how things works and always I want to know little more , get more practice modelling on 3d and upgrade my Solidworks skills.

One of the things that I expended more time to sketch and model in 3d was the RC Valve (Rotational Controled exhaust valve) sub-assembly. All manufacturers used many types of exhaust valves on their two strokes engines like YVPS of Yamaha, RAVE Aprilia/Rotax, Suzuki´s AETC, KIPS of Kawasaki and Honda´s RC Valve and ATAC systems. All of these valves modify the timing of the exhaust port and give more/better  power delivery over a wider rev range. God bless the two strokes engines!!'s a shame that they are doomed to disappear.....

The cylinder was another difficult part to model in 3d with a lot of sketching work, ON THIS POST I published all the sketches and process of modelling.

I take the chance to verify the cylinder dimension, fortunately it´s in a good condition inside the inspection values.

Cylinder head sub-assembly.

Cylinder head, thermostat and cover, thermosensor and spark plug  sketch.

Piston sub-assembly.

....diameter inspection....

...piston sub-assembly sketch.

As I said before the RC Valve has a lot of job, here some Solidworks screenshots.

This sub-assembly has a lot of time of sketching and measurements but finally it s done!!.

As usual I uploaded the 3d model on .iges format to my profile of Grabcad (click HERE) and 3dvia (HERE) of course fully downloadable. Also I uploaded more screenshots and pictures on this Facebook gallery of TTP Facebook page.

Although I did not want to expend much time on the NSR , at the end I'm spending too much time with it. Now I´m taking measurements of the reed valve because maybe in the future I will replace it for a V-Force and I want to have all dimensions , in case I need to built an a adaptor plate or something I´ll   not dismount it of the bike for design it.
Moreover the 3d modelling I´m also working on the engine porting and polishing , next month I want save some money to buy few parts I need and mount again the bike. I want have the NSR under my ass NOW!!

One of my bigger problems now it´s that I want to do more things that I can. Sometimes I finish late at job and I´m tired or when I´ve time at weekends I use it to ride the MT-01. But the main problem  it´s the money....the fucking money. My budget to my bikes after pay the bills it´s too short  (and soon I must to replace the rear tyre of the MT-01 and buy a new computer, mine is dead)
The initial plan for the NSR was just make a overall checking, keeping the paint job and expend the minimal money on parts.
I don´t want increase the power only I want a smooth running and over all....reliability and improve the internal gas flow of the engine porting and polishing (things that I can do by my self free), I only bought the parts needed (clutch disks, gaskets) or damaged like the RC valve cables.
Once I´ll have the NSR running again I´ll do little thing things like replace the fork seals, steering bearings, restore the seat, etc....

Because all these reasons my beloved TRX 850 must wait some time more.....With no doubt the Trixie it´s the favourite of my bikes but I want to do the best on it, if I must to wait,  I´ll do.
I´ve done  a lot of things done like the YZF 750 r swing arm, R6r forks, the race tail fitted, frame painted, clip-ons, etc... and I´ve bought some of the parts I need .
Also I modelled in 3d a lot of these parts (I want model the whole bike with Solidworks) and some day I want to send the fuel tank, fairing and tail to paint. But all of this things needs a lot of time and money, and I have none of those things especially of  the second, because that the TRX project it´s becoming never ending but I hope some day finish it and had the perfect TRX of  my wishes. I must to be patient.....

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Harlo Maclean | April 29, 2015 at 12:01 AM

Excellent modelling work .You made the hardware easier to understand .Have to credit you with genuine talent , thanks .

Zhu Y | July 28, 2015 at 4:07 AM

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