Maarten Poodt superb TRX from Netherlands.

Thanks to Narcis Blesa, a reader that gives me the link through Facebook  to a Rocket Garage post, who re-blogged it from BubbleVisor, of this absolutely superb Yamaha TRX 850  built by Maarten Poodt a.k.a. Yellowrider from Netherlands and photographied by Mark Meinser.

The R1 fairing looks really great with the head lights placed on the air intake. The colour scheme looks great too.

This TRX it´s a great example about what Yamaha must do to release a new Yamaha TRX (Join the group in Facebook HERE) without expend millions on the development. It´s simple, take the old frame of the TRX 850, make the little modifications to save some weight and fit the new tail, use the running gear from an a R1, update the engine of the last TDM 900 and mount a quarter fairing look alike the R6/R1...and done!! A new TRX is born. Until Yamaha do this we can enjoy with creations like this Trixie. What a great job!!.

The best of the 90´s with the 21th century look.

You can read the original post on BubbleVisor and enjoy also of another creation of Maarten Poodt, a Yamaha Virago 1000 "TR1" cafe racer. If you liked this great pictures taken by Mark Meisner you must visit his photoblog in Tumblr

But if you want more cool Trixies click HERE and drug your eyes.

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