Carburetor cleaned!!

Following with the NSR I dismounted and cleaned the carburetor, original equiped dellorto PHBH 28, these works don´t need expend money and I must to do before mount again the engine. I hope do it next weekend but I need few parts that I´ll buy along next  week.

Some fuel, brush...and cleaning time.

Fuel filter!?.

Fortunately the rubber of the float valve it´s in good condition.

I took the chance to check if the jet sizes are still the original. All jets are the stock ones. Good signal.

Mounted carburetor with insulator ready.

Also I covered the crankcase to clean rests of gaskets and cement on the cylinder head area and clutch cover...

....and remove excess of gasket and cement inside the engine.

Because I´ve dismounted the reed valve and insulator  I take the opportunity to sketch them, maybe  I´ll need know the reed valve dimensions in case I want replace it for a V-Force valve. For the moment only I want to replace the reeds for a carbon ones.

Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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