NSR update. Mounting the engine.

After some time compiling the parts I need for the NSR and model the engine top end in 3d with Solidworks  finally I started to mount the engine. I expended too much time on the NSR and I want go ahead fast as possible.

...spare parts, clutch tools, carb cleaned, top end ported (just enough for improve the flow, I prefer reliability to full power) and polished...
First I mounted the clutch, at the end I do not mount the new set of disks I bought when I believed that they was wear, when  dismounted the engine I discovered that the previous owner (or his mechanic) do not tight enough the clutch nut. This was the reason of the clutch problem that the bike had when my brother bought the bike. I checked the friction disks and plates and they are in good condition inside the values specified on the service manual (click here for open the service manual on a new tab).

To tight the clutch center nut I used the tools I made for. (Click HERE for see the post about with drawing and links to the downloadable 3d parts).

Honda codes for the tools:
Lock nut wrench, 20x24    07716-0020100.
Clutch center holder.          07923-KE10000.

Center lock nut must be tightened 65 N/m but my torque wrench only arrives up to 30 N/m and I do it following my "sixth sense"....

Clutch springs and lifter plate. The time expended on the engine stand finally worth, work with the engine fixed on was much more easy.

Preparing the crankcase cover....

...water pump cover needs some steel brush and Dremel...

...water pump housing and impeller needs too.

Because I mounted the clutch with the gear shifter linkage out his place (see five pics above) ,  and I do not wanted to remove the clutch to mount it on the right place I opted to cut the return pin to allow the colocation of the linkage with the clutch mounted.

Done!!. This things happens when you mount a engine sleeping only three hours the night before...

Clutch lifter plate/bearing greased and  gasket mounted.

Some gasket cement for water pump cover..

...and ready for fit the top end....

RC Valve flaps cleaned and polished (really needed).

RC Valve flaps mounted.

Piston mounted.

Tightening  the cylinder (23 N/m).

Mounting the exhaust valve pulley, left hand nut.

Cylinder head gasket and polished piston shining, this gloss cost me a lot of work...

Because I do not found new spark plug, this week will arrive, and I made a keychain  with the first one, it must come back to prevent "unwanted guests".

Now the engine it´s almost mounted and I hope mount again on the NSR next weekend. Stay tuned for new updates....

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