Busy weekend and sunday ride.

Yesterday morning I rode again with my MT-01 with some friends, this is my first ride with the new Dunlop tyres that I mounted last week.

We left to go on our bikes Toni with his SR 400 (today without the aluminium fuel tank, he passed the technical inspection few time ago), Paco with his TRX 850  and me. Today we ride as usual the route Valencia-Alcublas- Teresa-Montanejos, a nice spot to ride with twisted mountain roads.

"The three Yammys".

We did a little break to wait Luis, a reader of the blog who sent me on 2009 photos of his Yamaha TRX and SZR , he sold both some time ago and now he owns a Yamaha WR 250 F and one of most under rated Spanish bikes of last years, The Yamaha engined Derbi Mulhacen 659.

The little four stroke Derbi, has the same engine that moves bikes such the XT/MT-03, looks really good, Brembo radial caliper and master cilinder, Sachs rear shock and this scrambler look that I personally like a lot. I think that this bike it´s a excellent base for scrambler or cafe racer projects but I do not know why, not had good sales here in Spain and most of them was sold in Germany and other European markets.

I´m happy with the response of the new tyres, I think the Dunlop tire takes a little time in take temperature  than my last Michelin  but once they are hot works  very well. Dual compound also, the endure  the brutal torque  of my MT and have enough grip to run decently fast on corners.

Ride with friends, lunch in Montanejos  talking about bikes and cars and come back home to see the F1 races....Almost perfect sunday  morning...

The only bad thing of ride sundays it´s that I do not go ahead with the NSR (that I´ve almost finished) and my Yamaha TRX. Moreover last Saturday I went to the Mula Fest and I neither work on the NSR.

If  ride with the MT stole my garage time also I have attended  this saturday to a interesting motorcycle gas analysis course in the IVMM , to learn how to analyze the exhaust gases and interpret data to diagnose breakdowns and better understand the injection adjustment for optimum combustion and how different mappings can reduce the polluting gases or how improve the power curve.

The IVMM (acronym of Valencian Institute of Motorcycle Mechanics)  teaching staff have a  extensive experience in the motorcycle industry, both in the world of competition and in the after-sales service work offering  professional training both for mechanics who want to increase their knowledge, as uninitiated in this sector. Know more about IVMM courses on their web page or joining the IVMM Facebook page.

My Mt-01 was used as one of practice bike and I take the chance to test  my torquey Yammy, CO, HC, O2, CO2 and lambda values are all correct.

Always I try to improve my technical knowledge and these courses are very useful to me, specially all related with EFI and electronic systems, areas that I need to learn a lot.

Anyway the  week before go to Mula Fest I was working on the NSR and I´ll publish an a update soon. 

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