New engine for a new TRX?

Yamaha shown two new engines at a Tokyo “business briefing", the three cylinder engine used on the new Yamaha MT-09 (still I do not understand why them include this bike on the MT series) also know as FZ9 in US and a new twin engine, liquid cooled, four valves per cylinder that gives wings to our hopes of see the launch of a new YAMAHA TRX.

On this article on Cycle World (where I stole the pics) advances some tech specs, inclined forward 10 degrees,  bore and stroke of 90 x 71 mm thats mean a displacement of 903 cc, two spark plugs centrally mounted with integrated stick coil/plug cap, throttle bodies with shaft and  pulley for dual cable operation (no ride-by-wire).

After years dreaming about the possibility of see a new Yamaha TRX, now with this new engine developed, I think that Yamaha MUST finally do it. I don´t understand why they do bikes such FZ6, FZ8 and FZ9/MT09 so close to each having that niche overcrowded and do not have on his range a real sport twin.

I believe that a new Yamaha TRX can have good sales with a new TRX (at least in Europe), other makers sales other twins (maybe not all so sporty) like BMW F800 series, Aprilia Shiver, Suzuki Gladius, Ducati Monster or Kawasaki ER-6N. It´s time for a new Yamaha TRX now!!.

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