NSR update. Mounting the engine II.

After some weeks keeping my NSR abandoned, two weeks ago I was at Mula Fest and last weekend I was riding with friends, but I have stored some pics of the last things I did on the little Honda three weeks ago.

Following with the mounting of the engine I was cleaning the coolant system, radiator and hoses. To do that I bought some bottles of degreaser and  anti-lime scale.

Also I cleaned the external of the radiator cells removing dust and dead flys.

Same with radiator cover and airbox.

Once I´ve my hands dirty I take the chance to clean the frame specially the internal side,  it had a coat of an a mixture of oil and dust of the last twenty years....

Coolant system cleaned.

Once I finished the cleaning  stage I started to cut the foam to the air filter.

I made first a template with the shape of the air box with a sheet of paper.

...and cut the air filter foam using the paper template as a guide.

Then I soak the foam on gear oil (SAE #80-90) following the specs of the service manual...

...and squeeze out the oil  strongly.

Here the air filter foam impregnated with gear oil mounted finished and fitted on the air box.

I also bought a couple of spark plugs, one as spare. Honda recommends two references of spark plug, for standard use NGK BR9ECS/Nippon Denso W27ESR-U and for extended high speed riding NGK BR10ES/Nippon Denso W31ESR-U.

Of course I mounted the NGK BR10ES, I know myself and I´m sure that I will use it in "extended high speed riding" mode... :)

Minor works like mount fuel and oil hoses.

Engine ready to come back to the frame.

Removing the engine stand.

After remove the air box and carburetor, I mounted the engine on to the frame alone helped by a foldable stool and car stand jack...

..not was easy. This work it´s for two person.

Carburetor mounted.

Connecting oil pump.

New and old RC valve cables.

To adjust the RC valve I followed the steps of the Honda service manual (click here to open in a new tab), and I used a M3 screw to hold the servo pulley as described on the manual.

Adjusting the flap position through the cable tensioner, when I test the bike maybe I´ll make some fine adjustments.

Engine finally mounted on the frame....

...feeding the coolant...

 ...and gear oil. Also I mounted the Arow exhaust, I can´t wait more for hear the Arrow screaming....

Now I want find some free time to mount the body work, start the engine and test how the bike works, I want to finish the NSR soon and take again seriously my TRX project. I want to do a lot of things and not always I´ve time or money to do all. Also, if I don´t have enough things on my pending tasks list, now I´m collaborating on another interesting bike  project of a friends that soon I will publish about it.

You can read all post related with my Honda NSR 125F JC 20  clicking HERE or take a look of the complete gallery HERE on  TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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