Honda NSR 125 Reed valve 3d.

Because before mount the carbon blades on the reed valve of my NSR I sketched them to model it in 3d with solidworks, finally I  done..

Always I learn some thing new doing reverse engineering with all motorcycle parts that I sketch and model on 3d, little details that do not capture my attention at first look appears when I´m modelling it.

For an a example the rubber coat on the body part to secure the seal with the blades had machined the space of the rubber. Maybe this it´s simple part but each piece can teach me some thing and I always I´m happy when finally I have the part finished in 3d...

...and the real part mounted rightly.

But to do it ,as usual , I must to sketch and measure all dimensions.

A lot of work....
...that always worth.

Remember that I upload always my 3d parts to my profiles on Grabcad and 3dVia, you can find the NSR reed valve HERE.

If you liked the NSR reed valve in 3d you must check the engine top end with exhaust valve that  I did some time before, this was a really big job...check it out HERE.

You can read all post related with my Honda NSR 125F JC 20 clicking HERE or take a look of the complete gallery HERE on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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