NSR Update. Finished!!

Finally after a lot of hours of work I´ve my little Honda NSR 125 finished!!

Once I´ve the engine mounted again on the frame, electrical conectors plugged and fuel tank mounted, was time to start the engine for first time bleed and adjust the oil pump and keep my fingers crossed...

Always it´s a great pleasure hear again the engine running, it´s like music to my ears.

Ready to be dressed again.

Four & two stroke together. What a different bikes, my MT-01 it´s the antithesis of the NSR...but I love both.
Now it´s time to enjoy riding it, I love ride again a two stroke bike but I must to do some little things such as pait the top joke, replace the steeering bearings, fork seals (if not rebuild the forks with new springs and oil)  and I like to replace the brake lines for a braided ones. 

About the engine I´ll keep it standard, I still must to make a fine adjust of the carburetion and RC valve servo, but I don´t have planned make great mods on the engine. Maybe in a future if I find a cheap used engine....

But for the moment I´ll enjoy this summer the NSR and I´ll doing little improvements when I have time/money. Now I want focus my resorces on my endless TRX project.

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鎧全吳 | October 25, 2013 at 10:36 AM

hi, I'm a student from Taiwan. I'm just rebuilding my NSR125F(the same model and color as yours but with NSR150 engine made in Taiwan). Do you know the spec of the front fork's dust seal and oil seal?

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