Paralell projects. Flat track XR.

If I don´t have enough with my own TRX  project (that for further reasons I have some time abandoned), some times I´m involved in other paralell  projects like David´s Vespa or  my NSR. Now I´m collaborating with another interesting project of a friends, one of those is now working on a new website and workshop that will give fresh air to the motorcycle scene here in Valencia and soon I will report about that. 

This new bike project which  I´m collaborating started with a Honda XR600 as donor bike that will transform on a flat track bike. Now we are on the beginning of the project, defining what we want to do, our friend Toni owner of the bike must to define the head lines of the design but he is open to all contributions of the crew that we are involved with the project.

Here the mutilated donor frame of the old XR ready to start a new life.

Because we are in the early stage of the project and we must to make first designs of how the bike will look and still not are defined anything, the frame it´s like a white canvas for us. As a first step I sketched the main dimensions of the frame (or what rest of them) to model it with solidworks to use it as a base for design the tail, test different fuel tanks, paints schemes,etc...

Main pipes of the XR frame modelled in 3D.

But nothing is decided yet, one of the options for the fuel tank it´s this vintage fuel tank from a 1975 Yamaha DT400. We must to cut the tunnel to fit it on the frame and test different positions and see how it looks, because it´s heavily rusted cut it not was a hard decision and probably if  finally it match with the look that we want for the XR it will be replicated on fiber glass. But all of this are only one of the options that we are thinking.

Anyway I modelled an a approximate 3d solid of it to mount it on the "digital" XR , with it on the 3d I can get better the proportions to design the tail.

Far an a  finished thing it´s just a beginning...

I created a Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject FB page where I´ll publishing all pics related with links to his posts. Keep tuned soon I´ll post new updates!!

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pacotrx | August 19, 2013 at 6:35 PM

mola. una matizacion, creo q la donante era una xl 600

TheTRXproject | August 19, 2013 at 8:32 PM

Yo no lo tengo tan claro..las medidas del cilindro no coincidian. Era una XL? Si no edito el post.

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