Working again on the TRX 850.

After too much time without work on my Yamaha TRX 850 I have made ​​the determination that this cannot go on.  I must to advance all I can with my TRX project, maybe I can replace parts that I like now (no money), or I´ll  not have sketched others that I wanted model in 3D with Solidworks but I must go ahead with the Trixie.
I mounted time before the Yamaha R6r USD forks and I bought new clip ons. also I mounted the YZF 750r swing arm and rear suspension linkage but only to verify that all things fit right, the same with the tail, it´s drilled and mounted but not drill to the rubber inserts and needs a fine adjustment.

Rear fender was modified months ago (I must to make it shorter and cut the frame to fit the single seat tail) but I don´t mounted any electrical component except  the wiring loom that I´ve already mounted on the frame. Yesterday and day before yesterday I was working again on my TRX mounting all parts I´ve stored that I can mount, today I´ll back but before I must update the blog and this post it´s some kind of recapitulation. Remember that all words in green links to the related post.

After start to  mount I dismounted the fan from the radiator to clean both and put it soaking.

Rear caliper and master cylinder needs a clean too.

I removed the tail and the swing arm/rear suspension to mount it again correctly tighten and greased.

Before continue with the rear suspension I cleaned and removed the paint of the radiator brackets to paint them again, on this form them can get dry while I´m working.

Fan and horn clean.

Rear caliper and master cylinder ready to mount, I need new pads.

Rear linkage greased and checked.

Swing arm + rear linkage final mounted on the frame. Because the torque settings are upper 30Nm (top of my dynamometer) y tight them with my "torque sixth sense"....


Rear brake assembly mounted, caliper, caliper bracket, tension bar...

Seems silly but highly significantly to me...the frame plate comes back to his place.

Now I must to modify the seat lock to open it with the key that usually open the removed back seat.

Looking this photo seems that I didn´t anything but I´ve done a lot of things, today I´ll back to my garage to work more on the TRX. I want get the bike mounted ready  to mount the engine, finish the fairing repairs  and carry to paint the fairing, the fuel tank and the tail. By the way I´m thinking about the colour scheme...soon I must to take a decision....

Soon new updates of my TRX project, More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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Anonymous | August 23, 2013 at 11:02 PM

ole y ole, ya era hora. ya tengo ganas de rodar trx a trx, a ver q haces con los colores, si hay varias opciones ponlas antes aqui para q podamos rayarte con tiempo! :D


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