Colour schemes proposals.

Because I´m still  thinking how paint my TRX, I was doing some colour schemes proposals inspired on old Yamaha themes. I´m not sure what finally I´ll choose and I´ll do some more but here I post four of them. Above #1 "Lucky Roberts" inspired on a Team Roberts endurance Yamaha YZF from Suzuka 8 hours.

#2 "1984 XJ750R scheme" inspired by the TT-F1 machine.

#3 "Vintage speed blocks" inspired on classic Yamaha racing colours and recently concept seen on a Oberdan Bezzi´s XS750 "Riverside".

#4 "Red speed blocks", this scheme was my first option but now I´m in doubt to choose other.

All of this proposals can be considerated with little changes, like colour of rims and being truth, this designs can be done much better (My graphic design skills are very limited and unfortunately I am not Oberdan Bezzi) but it´s enough to see how they can look on the bike.

All sugestions are wellcome and I uploaded all on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject FB page. Feel free to commente and click "I like" on your favourite, soon I will publish more proposals.

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