FZ1 handlebar on the MT-01.

Hi again, as I told in two posts ago, I´m updating the blog . Here one of my pending tasks finally done. Mount the FZ1 handlebar on my MT-01.  I bought it in March of 2012!! Because I wanted reduce the height of the bar mounts, I did not used de FZ1 bar mounts 22.2mm/7/8" (stock MT-01 handlebar-bar mounts 25.4mm/1inch.) instead them I bought a set of Renthal dirt bike bar mounts. But this ones are made to allow oversized 1 1/8” handlebars. I must to mount a couple of bushings reducers from 1 1/8" to 7/8" (click on thumbnail above to enlarge).

As usual I sketched  all parts before model them in 3d with Solidworks. In fact, this was the last thing I do with it, now for job reasons I´m working with NX8.5/NX9.

Parts ready to be mounted. I sent the drawing of the bushings to Umesal, a machining workshop, that made them to me. Thanks Carlos for the favor.

...the complete assembly...

...sawing in half...

Goodbye stock handlebar!! From the beginning I wanted to change it, I do not like the riding position on the bike and I wanted to load more weight on the front wheel. I should have done a long time ago....

Renthal VS Stock. Lower and forward. Also I bought the bar mounts with 5mm offset mounted forward. The change riding it´s huge. To mount the Renthal bar mounts (M10) on the top yoke (Hole for M12) are needed two bushings more Ø12/Ø10 (not sketched and I forget make a photo).

...work in progress..

After some trials, I found the right re-routing of the throttle cables, brake hoses...to mount the FZ1 handlebar.

...and finished!!

Before and after. Next victims....the mirrors.

Can be useful to you? Downloadable in my GrabCAD profile HERE.

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Tuomas | July 5, 2017 at 9:51 PM

Hello, very nice work. Did you have to change cables/hoses or did just reroute work?

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