Mini lathe update.

Here I´m again with another post of some of these things I did along this time without new posts . I worked on the mini lathe that I bought years ago but I have dismantled for years. I want to do some improvements  on it and install it on to one of my workbench.

Time to work again on all these parts....and try to remember....

Also I finished the fitment of the electronic box that  replaces the stock plastic one.

 ...f***ng electronics....

Finally mounted and ready to come back to life.....or burn....

Turning again!!.

Once I started again the mini lathe I did some handles in aluminium and bronze to replace the stock ones before dismount it again to be painted. I hate the stock green color. Always I've always thought paint it in red.

But before start with the paint job I did a wooden platform with a table and a set of IKEA legs for furniture.

Marking the place for the mini lathe.

Testing the silent blocks and spacers , previously turned with the mini lathe with a set of bronze  washers to fix the mini lathe bed to the workbench with M10 through the wooden bench.

I also bought a lil column drill.

All things in place, all things match...

....time to dismount, one more time....


....and after a lot of work....ready to paint...

...coat of Universal Primer first...

...masking to paint, I must did it twice because I painted the internal faces in black ... red colour...

...masking rest of parts..

..and painted red..

Here the mini lathe bed paint job finished, only rest paint the electrical box. I´ll paint it in red like the rest of parts.

I have some parts sketched in a piece of paper that I made some years ago and I have the bed modelled in 3d with Solidworks also but it wasn´t uploaded yet to my GrabCAD profile.

I take the chance to upload it to GrabCAD.

Click here to open the downloadable model HERE.

Complete gallery with tons of pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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